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Veterinary Oncology Services

What is Veterinary Oncology Services?

We have been treating our patients with holistic veterinary medicine including Acupuncture, Chinese and Western herbals, Food Therapy, Chiropractic, Tui-Na and Homeopathy for more than 10 years. The majority of our patients have access to a conventional veterinarian who may be simultaneously be working with them for diagnostics and pharmaceuticals as needed. Some pet owners may chose not to follow any allopathic treatments, such as chemotherapy and/or radiation and vote to use our more “natural” modalities for palliative care with the purpose of strengthening the immune system to allow the body to heal itself. Others have elected to access our holistic treatments as a complementary approach and have found a reduction in side effects, an overall better reaction and coping mechanism for the conventional treatments, and most important an enhanced quality of life. It is important that we look at the complete picture therefore our initial consultation is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours duration. We discuss the environments, exercise schedule, according to the capability of the patient, feeding and how it can be improved.  A ‘Cancer’ diagnosis is unnerving so we make time to answer your questions as well as we can and offer support throughout the process. It is important to remember that holistic veterinary treatments are personalised and treat the entire body, not just the presenting condition. 

Unique Veterinary Oncology Treatments for your animal

All our pets are individuals and as such their treatment plan will reflect this.  Recommendations for diet, supplements, and acupuncture will differ for each animal.  This is reflected in our success in treating cancer using holistic therapies.  Each treatment plan is specifically tailored to the individual instead of using a generalised protocol for a type of cancer. As an example three dogs with the same tumour might have three very different treatment plans. We look at the whole picture, take in account their constitution, character, medical history, environmental exposure and diet and then create a tailor made plan.

It is important to note that whilst there are some really effective herbs that can actually enhance chemotherapy there are also some that can have the opposite effect. Please proceed with caution if you are planning to commence supplements without guidance from a specialist veterinarian. It is important to have a tailored treatment plan to utilise the

Cancer treatment services for dogs and cats

It is important to be aware that supplements could harm your pet. Just because they are natural does not mean they are helpful or even safe.

It is imperative to ensure you are delivering appropriate therapy for your pet’s specific type of cancer. It would be almost impossible to carry out extensive research into the vast amount of recommendations provided by the internet.

During your initial appointment we will gather the whole medical and non-medical history, your views, characteristics of your pet, feeding and exercise routines including the whole environment. We will select herbal formulas, supplements, food and exercises tailored to your animal’s needs. Holistic treatments are bespoke and treat the complete body, not only the presenting indicators. They treat the origin of the problem not only the complaint itself. It is important to remember this whether you chose to use holistic therapies on their own or as a complementary modality.

Herbal Remedies stimulate and modify the immune system to decrease abnormal increasing cells. Healing endorphins are released which significantly decrease pain and inflammation by eradicating blockages. All these mechanisms will trigger a cascade of positive events which stimulate and target the reduction of cancer cells without compromising the body by giving harmful toxins.

Investigating the diet is also a very important tool in fighting cancer. Kibble diets, regardless of expense or quality are heavily processed. We will discuss and plan a balanced diet depending on the individual case.

How we work with animal cancer patients and their owners

A cancer diagnosis can be a very emotive time for owners. At Chirovet Wales we aim to ensure our treatment plans are transparent in order for the owner to comprehend our treatment aim. It is imperative that the patient and their family are supported throughout this time and we discuss the expectations of the individual treatment plan and ensure we are available to discuss any concerns owners may have. Patients are initially seen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis until we identify how the patient is responding to the treatment plan and if any adjustments are required. Subsequent appointments will be less frequent once the patient is stable in their treatment.

How we work with referring vets when handling confirmed animal oncology cases

In order to provide our clients with the best service possible we like to work collaboratively with all parties involved with the pet. We routinely request the medical history of the pet from the conventional veterinarians and discuss any relevant treatment with them to ensure an informed and thorough plan of treatment drawing on the collective specialised knowledge available. We are also happy to speak with trainers, nutritionists and behaviourists if necessary to obtain additional information to benefit the treatment plan.

Animal Oncology Conditions Treated

Research suggests that one in four dogs will develop neoplasia during its life. We use a minimalistic, gentle approach of acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat cancer. This can be used in collaboration with conventional methodologies. Many of our holistic treatments are less expensive than the pharmaceutical route and will be covered by most insurance companies if applied by a qualified practitioner.

We use a combination of Food Therapy, Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas, Acupuncture and Mistletoe Therapy. Mistletoe has a tumour inhibiting effect which modifies and recovers the immune system, particularly mast cell tumours, soft tissue sarcomas and carcinomas respond effectively.

Using our holistic approach we have seen an improvement in the majority of our patients. There is a marked Improvement in energy levels, appetite and vitality. Appetite, weight and vitality can all be improved. The majority of animals of were treated by us with an individual plan did live a significant time longer than prognosed by their conventional vet.