What Are the Benefits of Acupuncture for Dogs?

What Are the Benefits of Acupuncture for Dogs?

It’s understandable that some have questions about acupuncture treatment for animals. When we treat animals, we take into account their individual needs. We value our dogs, and we want them to be happy and comfortable, and acupuncture is simply a fantastic tool to achieve exactly that. 

Why do dogs require acupuncture?

For the same reasons as we do! Acupuncture can treat many different kinds of illness or discomfort, from physical problems to mental health issues, to even how your dog reacts to environmental things. Acupuncture for dogs is for pain relief, for alleviation of struggles and suffering and a way to make your animal more comfortable, to live their life to the full or in a palliative care capacity. If you are not sure if acupuncture is for your dog, please contact us, we are happy to help.

Benefits of acupuncture:

1) Acupuncture is part of a group of holistic treatments.

Holistic means the treatment of the whole being, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. A holistic approach is important because many factors can influence our wellbeing and the presence of disease. Part of our treatment is to look at the wider environment and all those factors to treat the root of the problem. For achieving this acupuncture is one of the main tools.

2) It’s painless!

The acupuncture for dogs doesn’t cause any harm or damage to your animal. Despite the fact we use long needles, firstly, they’re so thin and sharp that they can pierce the skin perfectly, it’s likely that your animal may not even feel the sensation. Secondly, we always use brand new, sterile needles to keep it completely safe and sanitary and make sure to prevent infection or disease. 

3) It’s so quick

The treatment itself takes so little time. It causes no damage or discomfort, so it’s nice to know your pet is comfy. The appointment is usually around 45 minutes, and the treatment itself tends to vary, but isn’t usually more than 20 minutes. Because we meet in a comfortable environment that considers your animal’s needs, it’s as easy as it could be, with our priority focus on your animal, just like you. If a dog is extremely anxious we can use a special acupuncture laser device which is completely pain free.

4) Acupuncture can act as effective pain relief

It’s applicable and effective for pain conditions, and it can be an excellent alternative to constantly taking painkillers, especially for tricky dogs or for long term need. Acupuncture treatment makes palliative care patients more comfortable and help to battle side effects from either chemotherapy, or from the  cancer itself.

5) Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The aforementioned calming and relaxing effects are incredibly valuable in the reduction of stress and anxiety. It can make your dog more comfortable, it helps with attitude and behaviour problems, and that sedative effect can be invaluable for developing a more manageable temperament, as well as offering your 6) Improve Sleep

Acupuncture treatment has been known to improve sleep. Rest is so important, for emotional wellbeing, but also because sleep is vital for its regenerative function. Life with more energy with a well-rested and a calmer approach can have a hugely positive impact on health.

7) Acupuncture aids digestion

Not only does the holistic approach that involves acupuncture look at diet as well as the wider environment, the acupuncture treatment itself has been shown to have a very positive effects for any digestive problems.It is very effective in treating, inappetence, IBD, diarrhoea and many more. Eating well and being able to digest food properly will make anyone more comfortable, dogs included!

8) Improved Emotional Wellbeing

The natural result of increased emotional wellbeing is a sense of calm, which can naturally fix tension and pain and help your dog feel better. Naturally, as result of this, they are happier and healthier when they’re feeling better. Whether that’s in a palliative care capacity and we’re able to make your time with your dog all the more valuable for knowing they’re not suffering so much, or whether that’s getting your animal back to enjoying what they do, acupuncture is very beneficial.

By virtue of the conditions veterinary acupuncture can treat, the benefit of acupuncture is the alleviation of pain and discomfort and part or total relief from the suffering or difficulty your dog was previously experiencing. 

These are just a short list of some of the primary benefits, but no doubt you can see how wide reaching and impactful acupuncture treatment is. Using the holistic approach is important to us because of the widespread positive results and improvement to your pet’s life. If you have any questions or you’d like to know more, we’re always more than happy to talk to you!